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Problem-Solving & Organizational Learning

We are leaving behind an era where learning and problem-solving have seen limited evolution, The reason for this stagnation lies in our traditional educational approach, where we primarily accumulate factual knowledge about various subjects and their associated challenges. We've been trained to address problems by recalling similar previously solved problems and applying their solutions—a process known as deductive reasoning.


This approach extends into the workplace, where employees are typically presented with information on various topics and the corresponding issues, with the hope that they will effortlessly assimilate this knowledge. When a problem arises, the instinct is to gather as much information as possible and match it to a familiar problem with a known solution.


In the past, this method of problem-solving sufficed. However, in today's world, challenges have become more intricate and manifest in unprecedented ways, often lacking readily available solutions. While technologies like ChatGPT can help us understand new problems by leveraging existing knowledge, solving these complex issues requires a shift towards inductive thinking. We need to generate fresh insights and combine them with existing knowledge to craft innovative, effective solutions. In essence, we must invent new rules to complement the old ones and tackle the problems at hand.


Enter Vitel. We know this terrain as our research shows


We empower organizations to embrace evidence-based problem-solving processes that prioritize inductive thinking to cultivate groundbreaking solutions. With our guidance, your organization can venture into the realm of innovation, where novel approaches and fresh perspectives converge to unlock unparalleled success. It's time to usher in a new era of problem-solving, and Vitel is your key to unlocking it. Embrace innovation today and promote lasting organizational learning!

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