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Knowledge Management

At Vitel, we understand that unlocking the full potential of your organization requires effective knowledge management. But not just any knowledge; we're talking about the most valuable insights, the knowledge cultivated during problem-solving sessions. What sets us apart is our ability to capture these insights and make them instantly accessible to participants and a broader audience.


This is the epitome of knowledge management—putting at your fingertips the most crucial knowledge an organization can possess: its problem-solving expertise. Imagine having the power to instantly share how your organization tackles challenges with your team and stakeholders. This is the transformative step that propels an organization from merely being a learning entity to becoming an intelligent powerhouse. In fact, our founder, Mark Salisbury, has written a book on it.


Vitel is your partner on this journey towards organizational intelligence. We provide the tools and strategies to harness and share your problem-solving prowess, enabling your organization to shine as an intelligent, dynamic force in today's rapidly evolving landscape. Embrace the future of organizational brilliance with Vitel and elevate your organization to new heights of success!

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