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Our Founder

Meet Mark Salisbury, the visionary behind Vitel's journey towards organizational intelligence. As the founder and CEO of Vitel, Mark Salisbury is not just a name; he embodies the essence of innovation, a computer scientist, professor, leader, speaker, author, consultant, and foremost expert in the burgeoning innovation economy.


With a master's degree in computer and information science, a Ph.D. in computers and education from the University of Oregon, and a master of arts in teaching economics from Western Oregon University, Mark's academic background sets the stage for his remarkable career.


Mark honed his skills during an eleven-year tenure at The Boeing Company in Seattle, Washington, where he was at the forefront of research and development in artificial intelligence and computer-based training programs.


Upon leaving Boeing, Mark founded Vitel, Inc., a trailblazing knowledge management solution provider, catering to clients that included the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), national defense laboratories, and public utility companies. Vitel's latest groundbreaking offering, the digital advisor development framework known as Socrates.Digital®, epitomizes Mark's commitment to innovation.


Mark's illustrious career also includes seventeen years as a professor and program director of the Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences program at the University of New Mexico, where he made significant contributions in artificial intelligence and knowledge management. He was even nominated for Teacher of the Year and played a pivotal role in co-founding the College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences.


Not stopping there, Mark served as the dean of the College of Education, Leadership, and Counseling at the University of St. Thomas, cementing his legacy in academia. Today, he holds the position of professor of Computer Science and Organizational Development and Change at the University of St. Thomas.


Mark has handpicked an elite team of experts, including computer scientists, learning and knowledge management specialists, change management consultants, and technology wizards, all driven by a singular mission: to provide organizations with a passport to the innovation economy. At Vitel, we don't just offer solutions; we revolutionize them. We streamline the process of adopting sophisticated products and complex services, making it faster and more accessible than ever before.


Join us on this exhilarating journey towards organizational intelligence, guided by the leadership of Mark Salisbury and his exceptional team. Vitel is your ticket to mastering the innovation economy and propelling your organization to unparalleled heights. Embrace the future with us—where innovation meets intelligence!

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